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Travels tips

Pack light weight clothes

Bring sunscreen & bug spray

10% service fee is added to most restaurant bills as a gratuity to the staff

Bring sunscreen & drink lots of water & electrolytes

It's hot ya'll!

All year!

US $ & credit cards accepted and do not exchange at the airport.

To drive in CR, you need your driver's license & passport

Don't forget your passport and keep it secured during your trip. If lost, you must go to US Embassy in San Jose

During high season, Nov- May, book tours in advance.  Especially for the catamaran cruises and groups of 6 or more with any tour

For ziplining & other tours, bring watershoes & sneakers

 It is safe to drink tap water but bottled water is sold in stores & restaurants

Prices for liquor are better at duty free store but beer, wine & liquor sold at all grocery stores

Bilingual doctors, clinics & pharmacies are close by.  A RX is not needed for most medicines

Download Waze & whatsapp on your phone. Widely used & you can connect to wifi in most places

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