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Hola Amigos,

Wow.. time flies when you're having fun!  It's already been 9 years since we moved to Surfside/Potrero, Costa Rica.  


It's been a work in progress and we're thrilled to still say.. it never gets old.  


Our journey evolved in 2009 when Chip said to friends.... "hey ya'll, we need to sell everything and move to a tropical country and open a tiki bar on the beach". 

After years of dreaming it and talking about it, I called his bluff and told him if we didn't at least try, we were to never speak of it again....and here we are!  No guts, no glory.. right?​

We moved from Greenville, NC  (home of the East Carolina University Pirates, Arrrgh) with an undaunted spirit to successfully transition into a new culture and mind set. We landed in Costa Rica August 15, 2015, our 28th wedding anniversary!  The very handsome and cool kids in the picture are our amazing boys and new daughter in law..Trey, Haley and Johnson.  We're so very grateful to them for their approval, support and encouragement that made this life changing dream a reality.  We're truly blessed!

Our dream/bucket list item of living in a tropical foreign country became a reality after years of research, planning, selling our home, cars and chunking way too much accumulated junk.  

We successfully reduced our belongings down to 10 x 20 storage unit, resigned from our careers and booked our flights!  Chip was a Real Estate developer and still maintains an active NC real estate/Broker license.  I worked in sales;  ECU Pirate Club fundraiser, Pharma, and radio sales and production.  Yes, it was a big leap of faith and a little crazy, but no regrets. 


Owning and operating a tiki bar (more Chip's dream) didn't work out for a variety of reasons but once we got here and made new friends and contacts, we found out about  After owning it a few months, we quickly realized that we could/should provide a one stop shop, start to finish planning service for tourists vacationing in Costa Rica. Hence the creation of  

Then one day with our Sunday Funday group.. we had the crazy idea to open the one and only fast casual Tex Mex restaurant in the Flamingo, Potrero, Surfside areas.  Holy Guacamole, now (with friends) we are the proud owners of Amigos Tacos y Beer.   Nothing better than burritos on the beach!,, & Amigos Tacos Y Beer introduces us to the most wonderful people from all around the world.  We're so grateful for the opportunity to share our knowledge, love and appreciation of living in Costa Rica and helping you enjoy it as much as we do!

We've learned alot, our spanish speaking skills are improving and we've definitely had to make adjustments to adapt to the Costa Rican way of life.  Challenging at times but all worth it.   

By the way... I had a tiki bar built in our backyard for Chip so we could check that off the bucket list and fulfill his dream that was the genesis of this journey!  


We hope to see you in our Little Slice of Paradise soon! ​​


Chip and Jennifer Little

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